CBRE Successfully Launches Office Play

CBRE has carried out a study on its most recent initiative held at office buildings called Office Play. The goal of the initiative is to promote a sense of greater happiness in buildings managed by CBRE and to inspire people.

Celebrating the summer by handing out the traditional Portuguese beach-goers treat of a cream-filled doughnut, or decorating buildings with images of sardines and basil plants, so common during the beloved Saints’ Day festivals in June, or commemorating St Martin’s Day with a chestnut magusto are just some of the examples of events that have taken place at the buildings managed by CBRE.

According to the study recently carried out, approximately two-thirds of these workers felt satisfied or very satisfied with the dynamics created by the initiative, and 70% mentioned that they were aware of the events which take place as part of the program. The study also showed that for about 50% of the workers whose employers are tenants of these buildings, the existence of Office Play, they note, has contributed positively to improving their motivation in the workplace.

Luís Teodoro, CBRE’s Asset Services Director
Most of our days are spent inside our offices and with our work colleagues, so why not take the “ice” out of “office”? And so Office Play has emerged as a brand which makes the day-to-day operations at buildings managed by CBRE more stimulating, more entertaining, and more cheerful.

The results obtained from the study have confirmed the people’s overall receptivity to these activities, which not only has been overwhelmingly positive but has also served to strengthen CBRE’s position as a leading company in the area of commercial building management.
Luís Teodoro, CBRE’s Asset Services Director

The brand “Office Play – Smart Offices Powered by CBRE” uses communication channel designed especially for this purpose.

CBRE presently manages more than 800,000 m2 of assets for clients both in Portugal and around the world. The Torre Oriente, located at the Centro Colombo, and the Central Office, located at the Parque das Nações, are just two examples of the prominent buildings managed by CBRE.