69% of the Portuguese Consumers Prefer Shopping Centres Instead of High Street Retail

CBRE presents ‘The Consumer Experience’ survey

CBRE, the world leading real estate company, has presented “The Consumer Experience” survey, which aims to assess the preferences of the European consumers. The survey covers more than 13 countries and 13,000 consumers in all Europe.

Among the survey’s main conclusions it is noteworthy the preference of 69% of the Portuguese consumers for shopping centres, with only 9% preferring high street retail. The European average is lower, around 55%.

Despite e-commerce being considered a trend, only 15% of the Portuguese prefer to do online shopping, in comparison with 85% who prefer to shop in stores.

Portugal is one of the main countries that use social media platforms to engage with clients, with 61% of brands using these platforms, against an European average of 41%. National consumers (59%) consider Facebook as the best social media to engage with brands.

Regarding restaurants, 69% of the Portuguese look for places that are quick, but better quality than fast food. Only Ireland is above the national average, with 75%.

Carlos Récio, Director, Retail, CBRE Portugal
This research is quite interesting since it allows a detailed trend of the Portuguese consumer, which differs from other European countries. Data like this is important since it allows brands to better adjust to the needs and demands of their consumers.
Carlos Récio, Director, Retail, CBRE Portugal